Leading market research and forecast Market research at Wanzi Technology follows a set of procedures that analyze fabric data from our customers. After reviewing, Wanzi will integrate with fashion trends and elements to release the latest fashion forecast semi-annually. The forecast contains trends for fabrics, colors, styles, etc.

Research & Development

Innovative fabric laboratory and Fabric R&D system From years of experience, Wanzi developed its innovative fabric laboratory. Working with expectational knowledgeable industry experts and having an exceedingly rich source of information allows Wanzi to gain the advantage of emerging new fabric in the industry. Wanzi’s R&D team is working closely with the production frontline to ensure we can turn our successful R&D results into products for real-time sales.

Supply Chain Management

Tracing back to the company’s history,Wanzi always focus on building a reliable supply chain system. Wanzi is working with Japanese, European, Taiwanese partners over the years. In recent years, Wanzi continues to expand through the whole industry supply chain to partner with raw material companies, and successfully introduced competitive projects such as triacetate staple fiber into the Chinese market.


To align with the company’s philosophy of providing high-quality products to our customers, wanzi has an inspection department in house. Wanzi is equipped with advanced inspection equipment and has highly experienced inspection staff to ensure our fabric’s quality.

Product Examination

Wanzi’s testing laboratory qualifies for textile industry standard. Our company strictly tests every product under quality standards. After every testing, the lab creates a report for our sales and customers to communicate the fabric’s features, in addition, to help customers to learn the fabric better to avoid potential risks.


Wanzi’s design team tests fabrics through turn fabric into garments with different styles to see the garment effect. After each testing, the design team generates various suggestions provide to our customers.


To serve our customers better, Wanzi started small order fast-respond garment service, by linking garment manufacturers, designers, and fabric suppliers together.


Wanzi holds new products and trends exhibition semi-annually. Using our core products and new products to design into garments to effectively present to our customers. In the meantime, Wanzi finds through visual presentation designers and customers can gain a better understanding of our fabrics.

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